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Strategy-led marketing, video, media, and creative storytelling. Put our collective power to work for you.

Action ignites change. Your narrative deserves a stage.

People crave impact and attention. They turn to stories for enlightenment, direction, and inspiration every day. That’s why Hudson Collective was born – to amplify your brand voice and share those tales. Action is crucial, especially in this moment. Our dedication as a team of strategy, creative, data, digital, media, and communications specialists is to mobilize your audience and critical partners towards unified action on your platform and to enhance your reputation and digital footprint. We invite you to explore how our state-of-the-art strategic approaches bring tangible outcomes and propel your brand’s vision forward.

Founder, Hudson Collective

Developing the digital presence of our union, sharing our stories, and giving our educators a voice in the community allowed us to develop impactful relationships with our parents, local leaders and further aligned our membership to secure a favorable contract in unprecedented times.

Liza Parkinson

Utica Education Association, President

Revitalizing Detroit’s neighborhoods is a critical priority for the city’s recovery, and Hudson Collective helped us engage our grassroots community and grow advocacy with partners like Liberty Bank and Central Detroit Christian to deploy resources in neighborhoods that needed it most.”

Peter Scher

Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Responsibility

Our collective power comes from our educators having a unified voice. Hudson Collective developed and managed technology-based digital media strategies around our internal communications that allowed MEA Local One to scale our advocacy within the memberships and our community to support the Macomb Enhancement Millage win.

Beth Pyden

MEA Local One, Executive Director

Who We Serve

Hudson Collective is a collaborative growth and engagement firm across many diverse sectors, including various business verticals, education, government, membership organizations, trade associations, advocacy groups, and nonprofits. Our experienced team of strategists, creatives, and marketers focuses on delivering tangible results and strategic solutions tailored to each sector’s specific needs, propelling growth, engagement, and impact for our partners

The Hudson Difference

Strategy and creativity that moves the needle. Here is how Hudson is different: 

  •  We Listen. We don’t pitch pre-packaged plans. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and aspirations.
  • Strategy First Approach. We believe in data-driven marketing that delivers measurable results.
  • Problem solvers, not trend chasers. We craft innovative solutions that address your specific needs, not the latest marketing fad.
  • The A-Team, always. You’ll work directly with experienced professionals, not interns or the ghosts of account managers past.


Why You Should Partner With Us

Partnership means alignment within the strategy development and creative process. We collaborate together. We believe in delivering what you ask for but also giving you what we think you need.

We Are Hudson

Hudson Collective Is: Agile, Nimble, and Efficient – Your Partner for Strategy-Led Marketing, Video, and Creative Storytelling. Hudson Collective is a carefully curated team of top-tier strategists, writers, and creators, each selected for their unique strengths and specialties.

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