Our Story

Hudson Collective’s roots are in the world of data-driven decision making, storytelling, and outreach. Our founder and CEO, Nicole Hudson, was running a corporate focused, successful digital marketing and communications firm. When she began taking clients in education, politics, and community government, it quickly became apparent that there was a tremendous need among these types of organizations to harness the tools of digital media and data analytics. These methodologies could be used to further share their stories and rally coalitions to drive each organization’s missions forward.

Serving Those Who Serve

Whether it was educational organizations, groups fighting for worker’s rights, or to pass a millage or elect a leader for our community, these critical organizations desperately needed the skills and strategies widely used by corporate clients to effectively elevate their online presence and communicate their message in micro-targeted ways to shape stronger, more meaningful connections with their constituencies.

To serve these needs, the Hudson Collective was forged. We are a team of seasoned data-driven digital storytellers, advertising professionals, and communications specialists with a passion for organizations who make a positive difference in their communities.

Building Influence and Awareness

Our focus is on helping clients build influence and awareness using whatever means will best accomplish their goals. This includes content creation, storytelling, analytics, sophisticated targeting, customized messaging, thought leadership and social media execution. It also includes collaborating with firms you already have relationships with: traditional PR and media agencies, lobbying, political consultants, or public policy firms – what matters most to us is making sure you get the results you need, not who gets the credit.

Our Work Ethic

Clients tell us they appreciate our understanding of data, technology, and platforms, but more importantly our eagerness to roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches. Our ability to execute the digital and communications work that lets them grow and mobilize their membership, and further their agenda is what matters most. Our philosophy as a firm is to let the data guide us in forming fresh and effective strategies, and not to blindly follow the status quo. But, it’s bolstered by a work ethic that goes back to our CEO’s upbringing in a working-class, union family.

What We Can Do For You

Our approach has boosted union membership, helped increase student enrollment, enhanced revenue in declining school districts, evolved school boards, secured union contracts, helped parents understand the importance of early learning, won political campaigns and ballot initiatives and expanded awareness and participation for programs that make a positive difference in communities across the state. Having the right strategy was essential to every one of those successes. As the world becomes more digitally connected, using the right data to craft the right stories and using the right digital tools to deliver those stories directly to the right people becomes more important than ever. This is what we were born to do. We’d like to do it for you.

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