Our Combined Strengths Create a Powerful Collective Force

It starts with our Founder and CEO, Nicole Hudson. Already running multiple successful digital and data-based companies, her passion for organizations serving a cause, a community, their members or constituents drove her to create a new kind of firm. The idea was to bring together experts who shared her passion so they could put powerful minds and ideas to work for these organizations using the latest technology and resources available.

Passion + Strategy = Impact

We are a team of seasoned data-driven professionals with a passion for helping organizations making a positive difference in their communities.

We are strategic thinkers, innovators, and early adopters of new technologies, yet bring our own unique strengths and areas of expertise. Our founder brought together a smart core group of senior people who shared her passion for creating impact.

That is the genesis for Hudson Collective.

The Collective

We believe in data, technology, and strategy. We believe in straight talk, without a lot of industry jargon – so you can understand where we are going and exactly how we are going to get you there. Put our collective mind to work for you.


Founder and President

Mike McClure

VP, Digital Strategy & Creative Director

Amber Joseph

digital marketing manager


Design Strategist


Communications Strategist

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