Allie is a recent grad of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. She combines her passion for good design and video with experience in the advertising world. At Hudson Collective, you will find Allie laying out killer designs, working on videos, or planning out social. 

Recently graduated from the College for Creative Studies in 2021, Allie has a degree in Advertising Design and a minor in Film and Video production.  So far she’s worked at GTB, Art directing and producing creative narratives through video, audio, and graphic design to develop an emotional connection between Ford clients and their future target customers.  Although she’s just beginning her post-grad journey, Allie also has an alter ego as a performing musician. This has given her experience with marketing, design, and quality branding first hand.  She has insights that have taught her to not only understand quality work, but how to develop a true connection with a wide variety of people. She incorporates her passion for art and design with every project she takes part in. 

Allie‘s passion for her work combined with her love for her side hustle have landed her appearances on multiple radio shows, dozens of connections between Detroit and Nashville, and the winning contestant on a PBS television broadcast called Celebration of Music in 2019.  On the rare occasion she’s not writing music or working on design, you can find her exploring on a longboard, cooking up something new, or swimming in a waterfall basin somewhere in Northern Michigan. 

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