About Cari Kaiser

Cari is what we like to call her own brand of creative. Define her by designer? Doesn’t work for her (or us). She balances her own design business, District Red Design Co., with directing all creative work for Hudson Collective. Using design thinking and strategic planning, Cari finds branding and all things digital where she thrives as she navigates the challenge of connecting with people through design. She has a whole lot of passion for the things she does and she makes it her priority to show her clients that same love, care, and passion.

Cari has over eight years of experience in design. From agencies to nutrition companies to event production, she has always made it her priority to move these businesses forward in a meaningful way. She takes time to get to know the projects laid out before her and sees with ease and clarity an efficient road ahead to get there. She always embraces the process and the changes along the way; ready to put in the hard work for whatever comes across her plate. Lately, she’s been expanding her knowledge in the world of motion graphics where she’s finding she gets to exercise many of her talents all in one place.

Outside the office, Cari loves to travel and explore the great outdoors. Anything from hiking to camping to climbing to off-roading, she loves it all. Often times, you’ll find her in the place she calls her church – the red rocks of Southern Utah. She may be a bit of a coffee snob, but she balances that by being perfectly okay with boxed red. She also spends time working on cars, aerial fitness training, and obsessing over all things Volkswagen.

Cari’s ultimate goal is to create connections, moments, and memories, facilitating relationships with people and brands for the long haul. It’s what she lives for.