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Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day

Successful Launch of Nonprofit in Detroit

The Objective

The nonprofit organization Lemonade Day is a program that started in Houston as a way to teach kids entrepreneurial skills to help them lead better lives in the future. When Detroit wanted to launch its own branch of the parent organization, Lemonade Day Detroit, Huntington Bank agreed to be the name sponsor.

For a successful launch, Hudson Collective’s people needed to raise awareness of the program, enlist support and drive registrations within Southeastern Michigan communities for this first-year event. We handled the social media and digital components of the campaign, along with strategic guidance and PR to launch the event.

Raising Awareness & Advocacy

The objective was to raise awareness about the nonprofit and its national mission, as well as awareness of the upcoming first-year event in the Detroit area. Lemonade Day Detroit also needed to drive sponsorship sign-ups, community advocate support and applications to participate. The target market was parents of children under the age of 18 in Southeast Michigan, as well educators, similar nonprofits, potential corporate sponsors and advocates for entrepreneurship.
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Community Involvement

A successful tactic we applied was to get local business owners with large online communities to create videos (some of which, we shot), blog posts and social updates talking about the event and how learning entrepreneurial skills helps children prepare for success in today’s entrepreneurial world. PR was used to detail both the mission and the event, including articles in local papers, TV coverage of the rally to kick things off and of kids at their stands on Lemonade Day.

Social Media Success

For the launch, we created and ran a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel and ran for the client. We attended events and posted photos and videos from them in these digital media channels. On the day of the event, we went to many of the lemonade stands and posted videos and photos of them to drive sales to their stands.

We capitalized on Lemonade Day’s social media presence and engaged the community for this first-year event. The excitement sparked by posting content on channels relevant to their audience made the inaugural Lemonade Day Detroit a huge success.