Executive Leadership and Business Cause Marketing

We work with executive leaders whose social vision ties in with ours, using business acumen to support and promote social causes. For example, Adam Epstein, head of Third Creek Advisors and a nationally-recognized small-cap expert donates royalties from the sale of his books to the Fisher House Foundation. The Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where the family members of active military and veterans can stay free of charge when a loved one is in the hospital. 

Adam Epstein’s capital markets and corporate governance insights are products of his experiences as a corporate attorney, operating executive, institutional investor, and, board advisor.  As Bloomberg Businessweek commented regarding Mr. Epstein’s category-defining corporate governance book, “attention, directors of small-cap companies.  Help is on the way.” The concept of using our cumulative experience to help and support is at the very core of what Hudson Collective does and is.

How Small Businesses Plan for Reopening (and Other Acts)

How to restart small businesses after the economic uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has been a topic of conversation for both public and private companies. Small-cap expert and advisor Adam Epstein weigh in on strategies leaders in the life sciences, technology, manufacturing, real estate, office services, and other industries are employing.

MicroCap Value Destruction: An Antidote with Adam J. Epstein, Founder of Third Creek Advisors, LLC

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly important way to build on relationships and introduce new ideas to an engaged audience, given the complex and ever-changing nature of corporate governance. 

SEC asks judge to hold Tesla’s Elon Musk in contempt, saying he violated settlement deal

Adam Epstein weighs in on the intersection of corporate governance and social media. Increasing fines may be the SEC’s only recourse.