Macomb County Schools Seek Increased Revenue Through Enhanced Millage

School Districts Achieve Community Support for Public and Charter Schools

Macomb County public schools will be asking voters to support public education March 10 in the form of a 10-year, 1.9 mill enhancement millage. The countywide millage would raise an estimated $55 million per year to bring a new revenue stream to the general operating funds of every public school district in Macomb County. The money would be distributed based upon student enrollment; each district would receive approximately $418 per student.

“It’s going to provide better educational opportunities for all kids … I’m not just concerned about school systems now, I’m concerned about kids entering school now — the class of 2032. If we don’t have the money to serve the needs of the kids, we’re not doing our job. This is an opportunity that hasn’t come along in a long time. Voters who care about their kids and other kids will want the best opportunities for kids now and into the future,”  stated Utica Community School  Board of Education President Robert Ross.