The Hudson Difference

Strategy and creativity that move the needle.

How We are Different

  • We Listen. We don’t pitch pre-packaged plans. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and aspirations.
  • Strategy First Approach. We believe in data-driven marketing that delivers measurable results.
  • Problem solvers, not trend chasers. We craft innovative solutions that address your specific needs, not the latest marketing fad.
  • The A-Team, always. You’ll work directly with experienced professionals, not interns or the ghosts of account managers past.

Why You Should Partner With Us

Partnership means alignment within the strategy development and creative process.
We collaborate together. We believe in delivering what you ask for but also giving you what we think you need.

How We Get There

The Hudson Process Overview: The Hudson process seamlessly merges strategic direction with creative ingenuity, resulting in tailored and impactful marketing solutions. By following a structured, two-phased approach, Hudson Collective ensures that every campaign is not only aligned with your business goals but also delivers innovative and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. This holistic process maximizes efficiency, drives measurable results, and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, ultimately leading to tangible ROI and long-term success for your business objectives.

Phase One: Strategic and Creative Ideation Process

Phase One: Strategic and Creative Ideation Process


  1. Strategic Ideation Sessions: Incorporate regular brainstorming and ideation sessions to foster creative thinking and innovative ideas that align with the overall marketing strategy.
  2. Goal Setting: Clearly define your marketing objectives and KPIs to ensure your efforts align with the overall business goals
  3. Creative Brief Development: Create detailed creative briefs that outline the strategic objectives, target audience insights, key messaging, and innovative concepts to guide the creative team effectively.
  4. Strategy Development: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that outlines target audience segments, key messaging, channels to utilize, and tactics to implement.
  5. Concept Development: Invest time in refining and developing unique, creative concepts that resonate with the audience while staying true to the strategic objectives of the campaign.
  6. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Encourage collaboration between strategy, creative, and other teams to ensure that creative ideas are rooted in strategic insights and contribute to the overarching marketing goals.

Phase Two: Creative Development and Continuous Improvement Process

  1. Creative Testing: Consider prototyping or testing creative concepts with a focus group or target audience to gather feedback and refine ideas before full-scale implementation.
  2. Execution: Implement your marketing plan across various channels, such as digital marketing, social media, content creation, advertising, and more.
  3. Monitoring and Optimization: Regularly monitor campaign performance, analyze data, and optimize strategies based on results to maximize effectiveness.
  4. Measurement and Reporting: Measure the success of your marketing campaigns against predetermined KPIs and provide detailed reports to clients to demonstrate ROI.
  5. Continuous Innovation: Foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the team, encouraging new ideas, experimenting with different approaches, and evolving strategies based on data-driven insights.

Phase One

Strategic and Creative Ideation Process

Every client journey begins with a strategic ideation session. This is done to make sure any creative we create is aligned with their overarching goals. Following this session, a robust marketing strategy is developed, highlighting target audience segments, key messaging, and tactical channels for seamless implementations. The path to success is defined by developing clear marketing objectives and KPIs, aligned with broader business ambitions.  

A creative brief is then put together, capturing strategic objectives, audience insights, and innovative concepts to guide the creative team effectively. The creative team develops concepts, refines them and breathes life into unique ideas that will captivate audiences while accomplishing the strategy goals. Using cross-functional collaboration between the strategy, creative and other teams we are able to make sure everything points to accomplishing the client’s goals.

Phase Two

Creative Development and Continuous Improvement Process

Once the initial ideas are developed, we believe it’s important to test the creative concepts and content to get feedback from focus groups or target audiences. Using this input, we refine our concepts. Once refined, the campaign is launched across diverse channels with precise targeting, strategically weighted to maximize response. 

By continually monitoring the campaign performance and dissecting the data we are able to adapt, evolve, optimize, and fine-tune our strategies to amplify efficiency. Then we measure the results against the established KPIs and deliver comprehensive reports, showing tangible ROI to our clients. It all comes together to cultivate a spirit of perpetual innovation, championing fresh perspectives, exploring new avenues and continuously updating strategies informed by empirical insights. With this process we are able to create a culture of perpetual growth and success for both our clients and our firm.

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