Hudson Collective is made up of digital media, communications, advertising, and research experts who have created award-winning and, more importantly, extremely effective creative results for campaigns, causes, organizations, and companies developed around data-backed strategies.

We have worked in every medium, including websites, landing pages, video, TV, social media, infographics, social and digital ads, direct mail, collateral, email, events, press releases, podcasts, speechwriting, and more.



Every organization needs a website. This is your online home base. The foundation of your online presence. A place to communicate important information to leaders and organizers within your organization. A place for your community to gather and talk about issues or share ideas. Websites are vital to all other pieces of an online presence because it’s your place to gather data on your audiences and measure the results of your efforts online across every spectrum of communication and storytelling. Not having a website will stymy your growth and insights into your audience and what they find valuable. You need a website and our team can build it to suit your individual needs.

Content Marketing


Thought Leadership

Campaign Manager Liza Parkinson's Op-Ed in the Detroit News.

Brand Storytelling

UCS First Grade Teacher Partners with Detroit Artist to Make Book Reading a Work of Art

Cause Marketing

CDC: New Loan Program for Prospective Homebuyers

Social Media

Building Relationships & Engagement

Building relationships online is the beginning of your community. These are the people who drive your mission, gathered in one place to hear from you frequently and help achieve your purpose. From understanding where to start, best practices, and what network option to use for your purpose, it can be nerve-wracking to get started on social media networks.

Getting started leads to questions like “Do we use Facebook Groups or Facebook Pages or both and why and then how?” If you have questions like these, we can help you get answers while focusing on your goals and desired outcomes.
Establishing Facebook pages as an online flag in the ground is a great way to communicate news from and about your organization. Using Facebook Groups and growing them is a way to inform the community, to host discussions, unite members, and more.

Sponsored Content on Social Media


Content marketing is more than just publishing blog posts. When we creating a new piece of content on any network, we also utilize Facebook advertising and Sponsored Content options to spread the messages beyond the fans and members of Pages and Groups – targeting important demographics in order to bring awareness to campaigns outside the silo.

Collateral // Campaign Literature

Traditional Communication Paired With Digital Best Practices

Despite our love of data, digital and tech, we always go where the strategies and best practices lead us. Sometimes the best course of action is a traditional direct mail campaign or collateral package, especially if it’s part of an overall media mix. We have designers, production managers, writers, and strategists well versed in all the elements of creating a direct mail campaign. Data enhances these campaigns by tracking the outcomes for your audience and apply them for future campaigns.

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