Hudson Collective team has experience creating communication, marketing, research, advocacy, strategic planning, advertising, and events for whatever your business needs. Everything we do starts with customized strategy with our team, so you can be assured you are getting the best results possible. 


Once the strategies are formed and approved, we use whatever methodologies are most appropriate to accomplish our goals. We have done this through branding, corporate policy building, community building, marketing, advertising, PR, cause marketing, website creation, social media, content marketing and more.

We have worked with a wide range of businesses, including retail, healthcare, software companies, legal firms, service providers, financial institutions, manufacturers, and more.

Cause marketing

As consumers become more aware of the inequality surrounding them, they seek to make differences. A strong trend in recent years has grown out of this consumer psychology. Younger generations, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, have started gravitating towards brands with purpose, who operate at a higher standard (such as employing sustainability manufacturing practices) or show strong support for a cause. Stand for something, they say, and we’ll reward your company with our attention and dollars. And, although it is more prevalent in the younger generations, there is a growing percentage of people in the older generations starting to come around to this point of view.

Businesses can tap into this trend though cause marketing. Cause marketing is marketing done by a for-profit business seeking to increase profits and better society or the political landscape through corporate social responsibility. It is the process of making your efforts part of your marketing and branding message. But, it must be done strategically so it doesn’t come across as bragging or that you’re only being socially responsible for publicity and business gains. Hudson Collective’s cause marketing specialists will ensure that your messaging aligns with your community.


One way to create effective cause marketing is via a cooperative effort between a for-profit and a non-profit for their mutual benefit. Sharing this kind of symbiotic relationship through cause marketing gives people the opportunity and knowledge they need to help. Profit-generating, powerful global brands have the resources to raise awareness of nonprofit and political organizations, while also promoting their brand, products and services.

The principles of cause marketing refer to aligning a brand with a cause to produce profitable and societal benefits for both parties. These mutual benefits can include the creation of social value, increased connection with the public, and the communication of shared value, as well as profit. This also can include an influence on legislative and policy issues.

Corporate Public Policy

Corporate participation in the public policy process is an important means of enhancing your business and the social value your company delivers. It is fundamental to free and democratic societies. In order to be effective, your company’s participation should be focused on public policy issues that are core to your business and important to your stakeholders.

Our professionals at Hudson Collective will work with your corporate leadership to determine what issues best align with the values and business goals of their company. Once our discovery process is complete and your core issues have been agreed upon, there are several ways to advance your policy agenda. This can be done by supporting candidates who align with your views on key issues. It can also be done by supporting public and government programs designed to educate and influence elected officials in your area on the issues affecting your business. You can also influence public policy through your membership in business related trade associations and coalitions.

Here are some ways Hudson Collective can help you create and execute a successful corporate public policy plan:

We can put together both qualitative and quantitative research to establish what is being done around key issues, who are the key people involved, what their political leanings and issue stances are, what your competitors are doing around the issues and more.
We regularly monitor digital and social communications to see trends and to alert us into any changes in public sentiment or shifts in public policies.
Pulling data from multiple sources, we develop strategies to accomplish your goals.
We work with your company’s executives to train them on ways they can move your corporate public policies forward.
We help you navigate the social media and digital world to develop successful engagement strategies
Our expertise in both digital and traditional communications will ensure you have the right mix of tactics for your advocacy programs to succeed.
Using content marketing and social media, we have the tools to share your expertise and create thought leadership for your business built around your policy issues.
Making sure you are seen in the right light by influencers, policy makers, reporters and your community.

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