Every government division and agency is different. They all have their own set of rules and regulations that must be followed. Telling their story requires a creative spirit and an accountant’s sensibility. We have the expertise to know which mindset needs to be put to use when delivering compelling messaging that both follows the rules and rises above them.


Our collective experience encompasses a wide range of government and government agency clients. We have worked with municipalities, cities, chambers and parks. We have also worked with government agencies on the state and local level. This includes helping the Michigan Department of Natural Resources remind residents of Northern Michigan to get a burn permit and helping the Department of Education connect with various underserved communities, including creating messaging translated into Arabic and Spanish.

Connecting with constituents

Every government organization or agency has the need to communicate with the people they serve. Whether it is informing them of changes and updates to policies and services or rallying support behind a public health issue, the key is telling your story to the people who need to hear it in a way that creates positive outcomes.

Using your database, combined with external data, we can map where your constituents are, what their feelings are on specific issues, and what motivates them. Armed with this information, we create data-based strategies and use both traditional and digital media to connect your story with them on multiple levels.

Creating action

Educating the populace and making them aware of your initiatives, policy changes or events is just part of the equation. You need your stories to move people into action. Our messaging has driven people to the polls, driven them to use available services, or visit public parks. Our work has led to successful public events, creating both awareness and attendance. We have driven up tourism numbers and promoted festivals.  We use our tools to create action needed by your communities.

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