Nonprofit organizations are the epitome of organizations that serve others. It has always been our passion to work with nonprofits to help them maximize fundraising, create successful events, advocate for their causes, build successful capital campaigns, and strategize their continued success. It is a sector that is perfect for combining data-driven strategies with storytelling that taps into human emotions to drive positive actions. 


We have worked with a wide range of nonprofits including, the United Way, Community Home Supports, Salvation Army, Central Detroit Christian, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, the Archdiocese of Detroit, Forgotten Harvest, Collaborative for Children and others.


Our data-driven strategic input has informed communication and messaging for a number of nonprofits to enhance and achieve their capital campaigns or fundraising efforts. We have helped launch new nonprofits and have reinvigorated the donor base for venerable long-standing community organizations. By using your database, combined with third-party data, we can make sure the right message is directed at the right audience with creative and emotional storytelling that will connect with them and motivate them to donate to your organization.

Donors, Volunteers & Members

A nonprofit organization can only thrive if it has active and engaged donors, volunteers and members. Using your current data, combined with third-party and social data, we can segment these groups into smaller pods and micro-target them with messaging that will further engage them and motivate them to give more, volunteer more or bring in more members/volunteers. Furthermore, apply your data to social media data to create look-alike audiences and find new donors and volunteers with targeted digital and social marketing.

Events, Workshops & Speaking Engagements

A number of nonprofits we’ve worked with have a few major fundraising events a year that generates most of their annual budget. We have helped put together strategies for how the event progresses through the evening, putting together proper event flow to create the optimum agenda for participant enjoyment, organizational storytelling and human connection to the cause. We have developed both live show elements and emotional video storytelling. In addition, we have created messaging to get the word out and drive registration for the event.

Another way to engage your community, especially your volunteers, is to create workshops to demonstrate everything from the impact on the community to how volunteers will execute the organization’s core service. Hudson Collective has helped put together workshops for various nonprofits, from driving registrations to building presentations.

One way to support advocacy for your nonprofit is to have key members of the organization’s leadership to speak at both public and private events. We can help you procure speaking engagements, write speeches and build presentation decks that tell your story in a well-designed graphic manner.

Creating Connections

For any nonprofit organization, having a strong connection to the community is vital. Through proper branding and messaging, we are able to make sure the community is aware of who you are, what you do and why you are important. By enabling your online presence, we are able to develop community connections beyond your current reach and enhance the relationships you have within your community.

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