Organized Labor

Organized Labor

Helping labor unions survive and thrive has a special place in our hearts. Many of Hudson Collective’s members grew up in union families, including our founder and CEO, Nicole Hudson. So, while some forces in our country question the relevance of organized labor today, we know firsthand how important it is.  On average, union workers’ wages are 28% higher than their non-union counterparts and unions’ collective bargaining has given workers the power to negotiate better working conditions and benefits.

organized labor Experience

We have worked with a number of unions to help them increase membership and maintain enrollment. Using data-driven strategy and creativity, we have helped unions elevate their brand. In the process, we helped them build stronger relationships with the communities they work in. In the case of the teachers’ unions, we were able to tell their story and make stronger connections with the parents in their school districts. We also help mobilize the teachers’ union membership to elect politicians who are strong on education and to pass school enhancement millages.

Connecting With Your Members

You must build a robust internal communications infrastructure to mobilize your membership. It requires having the right channels of communication in place and having the right strategy to motivate them into action. We have put together internal communication strategies and tools to ensure your story is shared with your membership in compelling ways. Our methods have not only facilitated better relations with membership, but they also help unions create beneficial relationships with local political leaders and the community at large.

Part of connecting with members has always been by holding events and rallies. In the current global health crisis, in-person events are harder to do. That doesn’t mean you can’t make use of them. You just need to create virtual or remote events. Hudson Collective has experience in planning and facilitating these types of events and can ensure yours will be a successful one.

Building Your Digital Presence

We are strong proponents of ensuring unions are able to connect with their membership and outside forces via digital technology. 

Today, that is more important than ever. Our digital expertise has helped unions grow their online presence and built influence through digital channels.

Data-Driven Strategies

Using our experience, client input and a wide range of data, we have developed strategies for unions’ contract negotiations and collective bargaining. To help you meet your goals, we will gather, parse, cross-reference, and analyze data from numerous key sources to inform our strategies.

For one of our union clients trying to get a ballot initiative passed, we curated and segmented various data sets from local internal and national third-party sources. Then we used that data to develop advanced profiles for the union members and overlaid those profiles with our polling and social media data. This aggregated data and profiling was used to develop an integrated strategic approach. We implemented the resulting strategy using micro-targeted messaging deployed through a multi-channel digital and traditional media plan to pass the initiative. 

Politics and Crisis Management

Our team has helped unions and other clients through many unforeseen emergencies. When a crisis happens, we can help you get through it with the right strategies, communications and PR needed to get you through a tough time or disastrous event. We can also help you put processes in place ahead of time that can proactively mitigate damage when a calamity occurs.

In times of crisis or just during the ongoing business of running a union, it is always advantageous to have a good relationship with local politicians. We can deploy methodologies for you to help evolve your presence in local politics and create those crucial connections.  

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