Communications & Public Relations

Communications & Public Relations

Communications and Media drive awareness of your brand presence in all channels both traditional and online. Our strategies plan for media connections, reaching the right publications, and creating a thought leadership approach individualized to each company’s available communications resources.

Communications Strategy

One-to-One Marketing is our preferred approach to improve your marketing efforts. It is accomplished by actively tracking and responding to your constituents. This conveys them into a more flexible and educational buyer journey, while keeping them engaged in the marketing funnel. 

Elements of their journey could include events, canvassing, livestream and pre-recorded videos, a website, social media, emails and any other form of content that allows you to cater to your audience’s individual needs. 

Communications Support

Internal and External Communications Support​

Your responses matter. Not only does your audience need to hear from you in a very clear and consistent manner, so do your employees. Developing a brand consistent response to internal and external communications is key to representing your brand in a way that’s aligned with your values publicly and privately.

Crisis Communications

Crisis management starts before a crisis. Planning for an inevitable need to respond helps set the course for a response before it’s needed, ensuring that your team and our team work together flawlessly to react quickly rather than spending time trying to figure out how to respond. With a crisis plan in place, crisis communications eliminate more stress at critical moments.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is more than just a buzzword to the masses. It’s an opportunity to showcase the brain trust in your company. To share your collective ideas via articles, blog posts, whitepapers, research, live videos, and more. It’s a platform creating opportunities that place you at the forefront of your industry by leading with knowledge.

Public Relations Strategy

Data creates better PR programs. Hudson Collective’s approach is using a variety of sources to track emerging trends ripe for media comments and campaigns. We help clients maximize the quality and quantity of press coverage and opportunities for media connections. We do this while using data to show what’s working and what’s not to measure the impact of your program.

Our PR Services

Answering “why should you care about my organization or campaign” starts with messaging and sets the stage for the public relations program for your organization. Hudson Collective develops your voice for every audience (prospects, influencers, customers, employees, board members, the Street) and every platform (website, blog, social channels, media) to form a cohesive response to every communication.

Earned media is a cornerstone of marketing strategies and is a key part of every client program. Hudson Collective seeks out the best media contacts in your industry to make the right connections with the right audiences in the places they already are.

The messenger matters as much as the message. Compelling interviews start with media-ready executives prepared for any type of media contact – from phone interviews to broadcast appearances. Hudson Collective trains your small group or individuals to nail the message comfortably no matter the context.

Events have been impacted greatly with COVID-19 circling the globe. With events being limited to virtual worlds and Zoom calls, Hudson Collective studies which reporters will “cover” relevant industry events remotely and seamlessly integrates social media maximize event exposure, without setting a foot inside a convention center.

Reputation online these days can be affected by something as small as a well-meaning tweet that turns into a public relations crisis. Something an employee says can set fire to the company’s reputation at the press of a button. We monitor your brand daily for anything that can create that spark and ensure the brand puts trust and transparency first and foremost to overcome any challenges that occur.

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