Creative & Design

Creative & Design

Hudson Collective offers a full range of creative services. We have award-winning writers, designers, and producers to align your strategies and your story and make them come alive in multi-media campaigns.

Hudson Collective focuses on the integration of storytelling, design, technology, and marketing. Good creative must have a purpose. We have worked in every medium: TV, video, audio, website design, social media, digital ads, blogs, print and collateral, out of home, apps, guerrilla marketing, events, scriptwriting, press releases, logos, corporate image and more.

Design is a vehicle for engagement

Design and the creative process is at the center of how and what we communicate and engage users and turn them into advocates, voters, and donors.

Writing is a vehicle for telling stories

The creative product serves as a tool for driving engagement, building trust, and generating interest. As an agency, we build interactive solutions that attract, align, and build trust with relevant audiences. 

Production is a vehicle for Impact

In the final execution of the creative process, we focus on combining all elements together ensuring the brand, the messaging, and the audience are aligned in execution.