Data-Driven Strategy Development

Data-Driven Strategy Development

The best way to get your organization where it needs to be is to have a detailed roadmap to your desired destination. At Hudson Collective we start every engagement by creating data-driven strategies that become your roadmap to success. It’s how we move people into action on your behalf, to achieve the results you need to grow and prosper.


The path to action is no longer linear. Audiences are inundated with messaging – both traditional and digital. This clutters the media landscape and makes the online visitors’ moment of connection much more elusive. To be successful, marketing and communications strategies need to be smarter, backed by the best data available. Objectives must be clearly defined and tactics must produce results, all within the confines of the budget.

Your target audience and unique data is where it all begins. We do a deep dive into your organization to understand your organizational needs. Using data, we create a profile of your ideal “customer” – from their interests to their motivations to their purchase history and habits. Our strategies flow out of this information.

From there we develop, deliver, and measure a custom, multi-faceted campaign with your organizations’ objectives, strategies, and outcomes as the foundation. The end result is targeted messaging delivered to an engaged audience — reaching your desired audience at the time and the place when it matters most.

Phase one

It starts with an onboarding process and discovery audit. With access to all your digital channels, branding, media, content, key messaging and data, we are able to set your account up within our internal system and begin the discovery process. We will do a deep dive into your organization’s full brand, mission, external and internal audiences, member/volunteer/donor journey, marketing, communications, content, social media, website, technology, data, advocacy process and the competitive landscape. This can be done for your total organization or just for a specific project, issue or goal you need strategy for. 

We will evaluate what is working, what isn’t, and provide you with a full list of foundational recommendations to refine what you’re currently doing and stop what isn’t working. These are the first things we typically implement so we can shore up the health of your current marketing, advocacy and communications before we move onto new strategic developments and implementations.

Using what we discovered, Hudson Collective creates data-driven strategies. These will be used to develop high-level marketing, communications and advocacy plans. These plans will detail globally your goals, key messaging overview, audience insights, key optimizations and a high-level overview of the deeper strategies, tools, tactics, and channels needed to achieve your goals.

Phase Two

Our insights from the audit will fuel the development of your goals that will align around our integrated philosophies for driving your organization’s growth. These strategies will outline specific tactics and campaigns that will be built to resonate with your audiences at every stage of their journey.

After presenting our foundational recommendations and the data-driven strategies, we take your feedback and make any needed adjustments. From there we develop a more detailed roadmap that includes goals, strategies and timelines on every channel or initiative that was addressed in the audit process. It also includes what tools and technology will be used, along with general budget allocations for where money allotments would be most effective.

After reviewing with you, we will finalize your specific budget and project deliverables around 90-day activations. This will include a timeline for the project, including regularly scheduled client communications, reporting and the major items needed to execute the project deliverables.

Phase Three

This is where our data-driven strategies are implemented. After you have signed off on the scope of work, timelines and budget, we will begin monthly execution of the plans. Every campaign and initiative element is monitored continuously to inform our execution, making adjustments where needed.

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