Video Content

Video and Audio

For so many people, video is becoming the medium of choice. Data shows that people spend more time on website home pages that showcase video. Both Facebook and LinkedIn algorithms are skewed to favor video content. People are reading less and watching more.

Video Creation

Hudson Collective has decades of experience writing, designing, and producing video content. We have worked with budgets over a million and under a thousand. There is both an art and a science to crafting compelling videos. We have mastered both. We also know how to post and optimize them to get maximum exposure and engagement with your videos

Video Conferencing & Livestreaming

Creating video conferences and live-streaming events was already a trend rising rapidly. With the global pandemic shutting down almost all large live events, being able to capture and broadcast videos of meetings, events, and town halls online has gone from “nice to have’ to “got to have.”

Hudson Collective has the experience to set up your video conference or live-stream your event ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. We can get you the equipment and personnel to set it up correctly, promote it and make sure your audience has a flawless online experience.

Podcasting & Vlogging

In recent years, podcasting has seen a resurgence in popularity. Media has continued to fragment and people are looking for both entertainment and education in narrow niches that relate to something specific in their lives. Podcasts have become a way to fill that need. 

Podcasting has become a great way to go in-depth on subject matters that mean a great deal to both you and your audience. It is a way to connect and create strong advocacy while sharing your thought leadership on the subject. 

If you are new to podcasting, Hudson Collective can set up your podcast from both a technical and messaging standpoint. We can craft story lines, find and book guests, record, edit, optimize, and broadcast your podcast. If you already have a podcast, we can help you optimize and market it, ensuring it reaches more of your target audience.