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Nicole Hudson is a woman who embodies many roles – Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur, Strategic Consultant, Marketing Executive, Keynote Speaker, Executive Trainer, Board Member, Advocate – but the heart of it all is the joy she finds in fulfilling her purpose. As her website describes, her motivation for supporting “organizations created around serving a cause, strengthening communities, and uplifting social voices drove her to create a new kind of company where authenticity, ability, and advocacy come together using the latest technology and resources available – Hudson Collective.” This trifecta of authenticity, ability, and advocacy is a common thread throughout Hudson’s life and career, from her corporate experience within the financial industry, to her entrepreneurial pursuits and her volunteer work– weaving together meaning and purpose with strategic leadership that drives results

Starting off her corporate career in New York City, her goal of taking an international vacation every year developed into a permanent remote work lifestyle, and eventually full-time entrepreneurship. Hudson recognized that travel changed her internally, and that shift was part of her continuing professional development and growth. Now she leads her team from wherever she’s at in the world, empowering her employees to help companies tell impactful stories and connect with their communities. Convinced that “great results begin with great data,” Hudson leads her team to deliver data-informed insights that help corporate clients expand their reach and grow their revenue.

The guiding principle behind all three of Hudson’s companies can be summed up in these words, displayed on her LinkedIn profile: “Data-Inspired Strategies Deliver Impact.” Hudson Collective offers data-driven digital strategies that help corporate clients elevate their brand messaging and create meaningful connections with their communities, while Inbound Lead Solutions is a firm that develops a powerful user experience by aligning marketing and sales through targeted lead generation, and her newest business, Remote Strategy, supports companies in creating custom remote workforce solutions as they adapt to current realities.

From her experience in Corporate America to the leadership of her companies, Hudson has partnered with organizations to create effective strategies for content, digital, and social media marketing, as well as lead generation, franchise development, and workforce solutions. She is featured in several case studies from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and the Co-Author of “The Advanced LinkedIn PR Handbook” in collaboration with Bulldog Reporter (Infocom).

You might recognize Nicole as a Career Mastered Magazine Contributor, where she amplifies the success of women CEOs and executive leaders. As an active participant in multiple Metro-Detroit organizations, she contributes value to the community, recently serving as Digital Director for the winning MISD Macomb Regional Enhancement Millage, Macomb for Kids.

Whether she’s spearheading business strategy, elevating a global brand, serving on a board, or advocating for women within the community, Nicole Hudson remains true to her purpose, using her knowledge and abilities to inspire change in the world.

Nicole Hudson Career Mastered Magazine Contributor

Nicole Hudson is the Founder of Hudson Collective, an integrated digital strategy and communications firm creating social impact by activating their communities through branding, storytelling, and expanding their engagement with a robust online presence. Hudson’s strategies are driven to deliver compelling messages and a suite of business tactics that engage, inform and influence audiences to action that creates lasting impact.